FBI Hiring Cyber Security Experts

FBI Hiring Cyber Experts

Underscoring the on going threat that cyber crime plays in our lives, the FBI has recently announced that it is the the process of hiring close to 3,000 position to work in this area.

Per the FBI’s website:

No organization in the world will apply your cyber expertise like the FBI.

Today’s FBI is dedicated to preventing and investigating the most sophisticated computer threats around the globe. Your skills may thwart operations that incite violent attacks, advance crime, target national security, aid terrorism, and beyond. Discover why, more than ever, an FBI cyber career is for you.

The jobs seem to focus on 4 areas: Cyber Special Agents, Computer Scientist, Information Technology Forensic Examiner and Cyber Internship for people still in school. Preferred degrees for these positions run the full gamut of Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Network/Telecommunications Management. Applicants will need to clear a background check and be able to obtain a Top Secret security clearance.

It is nice to see the FBI taking the threat of cyber attacks and cyber crime seriously. In our always on, always connected society a criminal can do serious harm by using and hiding behind a computer.  The recent attacks on Sony and many major retail companies shows that the threat is real and that massive amount of information can be obtained quickly and anonymously. The game has stepped up from the days of some kid hacking from his bedroom.

There must be a lot of interest in these positions as earlier last week the traffic to the website was so high that it bogged down the servers!